On the DL

Sadly, I’m not talking about Dan Levy’s podcast or someone being on the down-low.

The AJC Braves blog is reporting that Jair Jurrjens is likely to go on the 15-day disabled list rather than making his scheduled start against the Brewers.

There was no clear indication that this was related to his spring training injury on March 26th in the first inning against the Jays, but it’s a good bet and my best guess. Hopefully, he’ll be able to make his recovery and get his season started sooner rather than later.

On another (happier) note, how great was that quote from Jair in the link? “I don’t care about Milwaukee[…]”

Awesome. At least one of the Braves’ pitchers has no desire to participate anything but division/rivalry games, probably. “Brewers? What a joke. Now the Phillies, that’s who I want. Bring ’em on. The Pirates? Are they even still a team? Now the Marlins, they’re a real challenge,” said Jurrjens, in his head.

Stay internet-tuned-in for more news after the Braves play their second game against the Nationals later today.

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