Braves-Brewers Recap: 4/6/11- Imperfect Baseball 101

Brian McCann had a 3-hit night. Jason Heyward drilled a 3-run shot to right field (which I missed live, because I was watching an NBA rockfight on ESPN). The Braves had a .363 OB%. There’s the good.

The bad is that Mike Minor opened the first inning (after Chipper Jones doubled in Martin Prado, Prado himself opening the game with a lead-off double) with 2 walks, a wild pitch and another walk. Then he gave up a single to Prince Fielder. The score after a fielder’s choice and a double play to get Minor and the Braves out of trouble – 2 to 1, Milwaukee’s way.

The Braves followed up their hot offensive 1st with 4 innings of singles and strikeouts. Minor managed to last 4 and a third (surrendering 3 more earned runs on the night for a total of 5 for the game).

The game was not finished after Milwaukee knocked Minor out in bottom of the 5th, however. That Heyward 3-run shot I mentioned earlier (it came in the top of the 6th) kept things interesting till the last out. Which really is the worst, because the Braves’ O couldn’t manage another hit after that impressive 6th inning. Brewers win 5 to 4 to improve to 2 and 4 on the season. The Braves fall to 3 and 3.

Tomorrow is a new day, however, and the Braves have a shot to go 2-2 in the series against the Brewers if Tommy Hanson and the offense can combine to, y0u know, score more runs than the Brewers do.

(PS – Nate McLouth was left off the lineup for the night in favor of first time major league starter Matt Young! So…good for Matt Young!)

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