It Had To Be You

Losing to division opponents sucks, gang. Losing to the Phillies is even worse, because they’re so hateable. The team. The fans. The mascot. Infinitely hateable (in my opinion, of course). It’s perfectly fine if you don’t think that, of course.

Anyway, this is all extremely important because the Phillies absolutely destroyed our beloved Braves in Atlanta today.

Brandon Beachy didn’t come out strong, allowing a lead-off double to Shane Victorino in the first that would score off a Ben Francisco single. Fortunately, he got out of the inning with no more damage.

(Also, at one point during an in-game interview Tim Hudson said this about Beachy – “Lemme tell ya something, he’s got a pair.”


Things quieted down until the top of the 3rd, when Alex Gonzalez combined with Dan Uggla for a fantastic double play (one of a few that the Braves turned on the day) to get Beachy out of trouble. Gonzalez made a great semi-diving stab to stop a grounder, flipped it to Uggla at second (Dan made a barehanded catch) who whipped the ball to 1st to turn the DP.

The solid defense was followed in the bottom of the 3rd by solid hitting. Alex Gonzalez opened up with a double, Freddie Freeman briefly stopped being awful with the bat to ground one by 1st to score Alex, Beachy laid down a nice bunt to move Freddie up to 2nd and Prado singled to right to score Freddie (Ben Francisco bobbled the ball in right allowing Freeman to leg in the run). The rally was broken by who else but Nate “The Worst” McLouth, who lined out to short, allowing the Phillies to double-up Prado at 1st base.

2-1, Atlanta leads. Yay! Nothing could ever go wrong again!

Sadly, Beachy fell back off the horse in the top of the 4th, giving up a 2-out, 2-run shot to catcher Brian Schneider before striking out Wilson Valdez.

3-2 Phils, why do we even bother?

Both pitchers failed to surrender a baserunner until Alex Gonzalez racked up another double in the bottom of the 5th (he wouldn’t advance). Philly threatened Beachy and the Braves again in the top of the 6th, with Jimmy Rollins opening with a double to right field. Dan Uggla made another great defensive play (after Rollins advanced to 3rd on a ground out by Ryan Howard) to get the Beachy out of trouble, however (Uggla was huge this game on D, even if the Braves ended up losing in a blowout) – Uggla made a nice play to keep a soft liner off the ground and doubled up Rollins on 3rd who was running on contact at 3rd.

The Braves, too would threaten in the 6th – Following Prado and McLouth fly/popouts, Chipper would slip a hit between the 2nd/1st base gap, McCann would draw a 5-pitch walk and Dan Uggla watched 4-pitches go by for a walk of his own.

Bases loaded with 2 outs, trailing by a run. Jason Heyward up to bat. This is our shot to get momentum back, Braves.

So of course Heyward gets sawed-off by a high Oswalt fastball. Broken bat pop-out to 3rd.

That would be the last anyone saw of close baseball in this game.

Beachy opened the next inning by surrendering a double, was relieved by George Sherrill who couldn’t find the strike zone at all and surrendered a walk and hit. Scott Linebrink entered in relief for Sherrill and promptly allowed Carlos Ruiz to break the game wide-open with a pinch-hit grand slam (that made it 7-2, Phils).

The Phillies would go on to win 10-2.


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