Brian McCann’s Beard

Brian McCann’s Beard

A long over-due, simply rhymed poem by Connor Huchton


Blonde, brown, and full,

It glows in the night and day.

Ready to defend the planet at any moment,

It doesn’t care what Phillies’ fans may say.


Guarding home plate proudly,

It is an upright citizen of the catcher world.

If you dare approach it,

Each one of its hairs will become instantly curled.


Unassuming yet bold,

Business will always go as usual.

Unless you try to mock it,

Then good feelings might not be so mutual.


Kind, warm, and nestling,

It is a home for all things good in baseball.

Boldly staring down pitchers,

It intimidates and has its own Southern drawl.


Welcome to the world,

Of Brian McCann’s beard, esquire.

Once you’ve seen it once,

You can’t help but interestedly inquire.


Respect the beard’s obvious qualities,

Qualities that come from just one man.

Who is that man, you ask?

His name is Brian McCann.


About Connor Huchton

I run, as well as I'm also not a fan of long walks on the beach, but I am a big fan of eating food. (Especially FunYuns)
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