Braves defeat Giants 4-1, happiness ensues.

I’m not going to write a full recap of this game, because that can often be monotonous. Instead, I’m going to state five basic reasons why the Braves win tonight made me happy, and why Braves’ fans should have an equally enthused reaction.



2) Jason Heyward broke out of a slump, at least momentarily (2-4, 1 RBI). 

3) Freddie Freeman also had a good day at the plate (2-3, 1 RBI). He leads the Braves in slugging percentage, at .484. Freeman’s recent terrific play is encouraging, and if Freeman’s good friend Jason Heyward can expound on his hitting tonight in the near future, my optimism will increase tenfold. (Actually, maybe fivefold, but what’s a couple of folds between friends, am I right? Anyone? No? Ok.)

4) Speaking of young players to be excited about, Tommy Hanson pitched 7 innings and only allowed three Giants’ hits, along with one run. Coupled with two shutout innings by the dominating relief pitchers known commonly as Jonny Venters and Craig Kimbrel (In my own mind, they are known as “Thunder and Lightning”), and the Braves compounded for quite the overall pitching performance.

5) Martin Prado walked once in the leadoff spot, which is always an exciting occurrence.


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I run, as well as I'm also not a fan of long walks on the beach, but I am a big fan of eating food. (Especially FunYuns)
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