Well, we beat the Mariners 3-1. Yay!

I was excited for tonight’s game. The Braves were playing the Mariners, an equally offensively inept contender, and I couldn’t wait to watch the strikeouts flow (which they did).

Five Things I Enjoyed During Tonight’s Game

1. Brian McCann is the best catcher in baseball. I say that as a statement, and not as an argument. He hits home runs (which he did tonight, his 15th and 10th in 23 games), consistently provides good at-bats, and seems chill. He’s one of the few people in life that live up to the potential of their beard.

2. I’m starting to think Dan Uggla shouldn’t be 4th in All-Star voting for second-basemen. It’s just a thought, but I feel like power hitters who have the worst average in baseball and less than 30 RBIs (27, to be horribly exact) aren’t that deserving. Just one man’s opinion. 

3. I feel bad for Erik Bedard. Why? He pitches for the Mariners. It can’t be fun. I’m surprised that he doesn’t tear up the lineup symbolically every night.

4. Brandon Beachy is striking out hitters left and right (and even up and down! I’ll be here all night, unfortunately). After striking out 11 in his left start, he followed that performance up with 9 more strikeouts (both starts lasted 6 innings). It’s a relatively small sample size thus far, but if this continues it would solidify the Braves rotation going forward (long-term). 

5. The Braves need Martin Prado back. David O’Brien over at the AJC Braves blog has been reporting that he’ll be back sooner rather than later, and I can’t wait. When he comes back, I expect McLouth to shift over to center. This will allow to Jordan Schafer to serve as a fourth outfielder and pinch hitter, which I think is his ideal role on this team. Also, it’ll make it less likely that Julio Lugo and Wilkin Ramirez are needed to start, which would probably be quite helpful. No offense to those guys, but they probably shouldn’t be starting currently on a major league team. And by “probably”, I mean “absolutely definitely “.


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I run https://thebravecollective.wordpress.com, as well as http://www.connorhuchtonknowseverything.com. I'm also not a fan of long walks on the beach, but I am a big fan of eating food. (Especially FunYuns)
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